May is Historic Preservation Month!

Wow, is it May already? This year is going to by so fast with some really cool projects still on the horizon we can't wait to share with you all!  Every year, the Office of Historic Preservation celebrates Preservation month by hosting various events that encourage community engagement and awareness in historic preservation and all the benefits that are attributed with it. A full list of this month's events can be found on OHP's website HERE and this year, they have a jamb-packed schedule of activities for all age groups and interests!

The first event of the month was held last Friday at the Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course, with the 4th annual Kick-Off at Cool Crest celebrity miniature golf tournament! Fisher Heck helped kick things off by sending its least experienced golfers from the office to the course to compete against each other, but mainly they were there for the fajitas and beer! It was a close match between Lewis, Johnny, Celina and David, but ultimately Celina came away victorious within the group just before the rain started to arrive. It's a great event for even greater cause. As a leading firm in the practice of Historic Preservation, Restoration and Rehabilitation, we can attest to the economic, cultural and environmental impacts these types of projects have on their respected communities.

"The benefits of historic preservation and energy conservation are often overlooked because they come to societies as a whole over time rather than directly and immediately benefiting a developer or property owner. Developers often find it more financially advantageous to tear down and build new, but because of the amount of materials used and wasted, it is not possible to sustain this practice indefinitely. Preservation of historic properties demonstrates long-term vision by preserving irreplaceable cultural resources and promoting sustainability practices by conserving our limited environmental resources."