Landmark Inn State Historic Site


Castroville TX 


Historical Restoration | Interior Renovation

Full Architectural Services

Photos by Fisher Heck

Owned and operated by the The Texas Historical Commission (THC), the Landmark Inn State Historic Site project is the culmination of a 2-year restoration effort that returns the historical hotel to its former glory within the culture rich city of Castroville, Texas. After many years of wear and tear, the multi-building complex was in need of a full restoration effort, which also included designing new accessibility access points to all buildings on site, installing new energy efficient mechanical systems and restoring many of the building's deteriorated windows and doors, as well as exterior and interior plaster. Nearly every inch of every building on site was respectfully touched in some way, all while adhering to the Secretary of Interior Standards. Visitors can now once again stay at the historic Inn and enjoy the scenic grounds of this important place for many more years to come.


2018 Historic Preservation Award  |  San Antonio Conservation Society

2018 Honor Award  |  Preservation Texas