UPDATE: Cuero Schoolhouse Rehabilitation

Happy Friday everyone! Before we head off for the weekend, we wanted to share a quick update on the English-German Schoolhouse project. Located in Cuero, TX, not far from the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum and Proctor Green House, this 1877 schoolhouse is believed to be the first school building in the city of Cuero. The Museum recently purchased the building and moved it closer to the Museum's property in order to save it from demolition. We are currently working with the Museum on rehabilitating the deteriorating structure into a public community building for various educational gatherings and events. After carefully documenting the structure and producing construction drawings for pricing, we developed a quick rendering of what the schoolhouse will look like upon completion to help future donors see the embedded potential in this historic structure. The Museum is currently raising funds to complete the construction. For more information and photos of the current schoolhouse, please click on either of the images below.

Have a great weekend everyone!