UPDATE: Karnes County Courthouse Restoration

Yesterday, Karnes County took one step closer to restoring their 1894 courthouse by being the first ones this year to turn in their grant application to the Texas Historical Commission (THC)! Prior to submitting the grant application, the county selected MJ Boyle General Contractors to restore the now vacant building to the beautiful courthouse it once was. This year, THC will be awarding a total of $20 million to various cities and counties throughout the state as part of it's nationally recognized and award-winning Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program (THCPP). To date, the program has helped restore 63 total Texas courthouses and another 28 courthouses have received emergency or planning grants to complete small projects. Thanks to the local community support and hard work put in by Sue Carter and the rest of the Karnes building committee, we are confident this project will receive one of the grants in April. In the meantime, construction has already begun up on the roof with the reconstruction of four turrets and chimneys as well as installing new slate tile roofing.  We will be posting more images of the construction progress throughout the next two years so keep checking back to see the dramatic transformation.