COMPLETE: Karnes County Courthouse Restoration

Greetings everyone!  Apologies for the lack of updates recently, it's been a very busy summer with some exciting things on the horizon. Today, we are excited to share our thoughts on the completion of one of our favorite projects!  The Karnes County Courthouse Restoration project dates back to 2004 when the County applied for a grant from THC to do some emergency repair work to the building. From there, we developed a long standing relationship with the County and local historical society organization with the vision of restoring this courthouse back to its 1894 character. In the 1920's the building was transformed from its original Romanesque Revival style to a more contemporary Spanish Colonial Revival style building by plastering over all of the existing brick masonry and rebuilding the roof structure with Spanish clay tile.  Two additions were also added to the west end of the building and all the wood windows were replaced with aluminum framed windows. 


We posted an earlier piece on some additional background on the project after the Grand Opening was held in April, which can be viewed HERE.  Since then, the County has moved into the building, all the furniture is now in and last remaining punch list items have been completed. We still can't believe it's finished and the building looks the way it does now.  From where it was at back in 2004 to now, is truly special for us to be apart of.  Recently, we had some professional photos taken of the building by our friend Alfredo Mora and you can see them by clicking on the image below. Enjoy!