Building Schools in the Dominican Republic

Happy Friday everyone!  This week, Derek returned to San Antonio from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where he and several other members of his church volunteered to help in the rebuilding of a small schoolhouse in a low income area of the country. With a limited amount of time, the crew primarily focused on rebuilding a second floor wing of a U-shaped school building for elementary students. Funding for the school, along with electricity in general, are not always available and hard to come by, so only sections of the school can be completed at a time. Building materials for the new wing consisted primarily of wood, cement board and standing seam metal panels. We love the large roof overhang and how it provides shade of for the windows, but also protection for the exterior corridor along the face of the building. It will take awhile until the building is fully functional again and we hope progress continues into the coming months. We would like to thank First Baptist Church of San Antonio for sponsoring this trip and a big thanks to Derek for volunteering and sharing his experience with us.