COMPLETE: UTSA JPL Food Court Remodel

Higher Education work represents one of Fisher Heck's core markets of work and continues to grow each year. This growth is reflected in our ability to provide unique design solutions that can be accomplished within short timeframes, are energy efficient, and cost effective. These elements were especially important in the recently completed JPL Food Court Remodel project within the UT San Antonio campus. Timing was crucial for both the design and construction to be completed between semesters in order to assure that the amount of time the space would be out of service, was minimized as much as possible. Because the space is located within the historic JPL Library building, there were limits to areas and materials that could be upgraded.

The design for the new food court space focused on three major elements: Furniture, lighting, and food vendor functionality/decor. In addition to adding additional food service bays to expand food options for students, each food station was completely remodeled with new millwork, equipment and graphics. The seating area received brand new furniture and a more logistical layout that improves overall flow, and reduces congestion. The new contemporary furniture now includes a variety of seating options and features, such as bar height window seats and built-in power stations for a quick charge during lunch. The food court also received a brand new LED lighting design package, highlighted by a continuous strip light that defines the perimeter of the central seating area. Lighting locations were also reworked to focus on the functionality of the space, rather than just general illumination, giving the space a more dynamic feeling. To see additional pictures of the new space, please click on the image below. Enjoy!