UPDATE: Karnes County Courthouse Restoration

This week, we took a short break from working with PDP on the Alamo Master Plan to visit another one of our historic projects, currently under construction - The Karnes County Courthouse. Originally built in 1894 and designed by John Cormack, this Romanesque Revival courthouse is in the process of receiving a complete restoration inside and out. Earlier this year, MJ Boyle General Contractors was selected to complete the construction phase of the project, which is well on its way now. The building has gone through multiple construction phases already, including a whole new foundation, a new roof with restored turrets, and the removal of two 1920's additions.

Now, we are finally able to see the masonry walls and the corrugated vaulted ceilings exposed after being covered with deteriorating plaster for years. The building is full of activity now with masonry contractors who are repointing walls, electrical contractors who are roughing in conduits and electrical boxes, and painters who are stripping years of old paint off of existing historic railings. Soon, new steel and concrete will be installed within the courtroom and will continue upwards to form a reconstructed bell tower. The project is slated to be completed in early fall of 2017.

More pictures to follow as construction continues...