COMPLETE: Barrera Townhouse

It can be bittersweet when a project over 10 years in development is finally finished and built. Such is the case with the recently completed Barrera Townhouse project. The project began with the purchase of an unused triangular median lot in the heart of the Lavaca neighborhood, just south of downtown San Antonio, with a vision of creating four individual unique townhouses on it. The project when through numerous redesigns, configurations and economic downturns over the years, with a unique twist occurring a few years ago after the project was rejuvenated from design development. Word that the development was finally moving forward made its way over to our colleagues at Alamo Architects and three of the firm's architects jumped at the chance to live in this micro community, nicknamed "Trivaca". They each purchased three of the four individual lots before construction documents were completed and ended up designing their own townhouse instead. The fourth townhouse belongs to our own Lewis Fisher, who is also the original developer of the Trivaca lot. The dwelling's simple design is a contemporary reflection on many of the historic King William homes in the surrounding area. This gives the home a since of belonging to the community, while also maintaining its own unique identity, as many of the homes do in the neighborhood. The home features many sustainable and energy efficient elements such as highly reflective exterior materials, xeriscaped landscaping, expanding foam insulation, LED lighting, dual-pane low-E windows, and locally sourced materials. The home will be featured in this year's AIA Home Tour and in an upcoming issue of Home & Decor Magazine! To see more images of the house, please click on the image below: