COMPLETE: Voelcker Stone House

Happy Friday everyone! We are excited to share with you final pictures of Voelcker Stone House rehabilitation project! This 1800's home is located within the popular Hardberger Park on the north side of San Antonio and is part of the original Voelcker Homestead. The 300+ acre property was formerly a dairy farm, owned by Max and Minnie Voelcker and later purchased by the city in 2007, thanks to the efforts of then Mayor Phil Hardberger, who was instrumental in transforming the property into a park dedicated to conservation and education.

To better manage the park and help raise money for on-going maintenance, educational programs, and future projects, Phil established the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy. Needing office space close to the park, it was determined that this old stone house would be perfect for the Conservancy's headquarters. Although it needed a lot of work before they could move in. The building received all new siding, metal roof, wood windows and doors, while the original exterior stone walls were repaired where needed and cleaned. The original configuration of the house was kept mostly intact and programmed to accommodate a work room, a conference room, kitchen, restroom and storage.

As one of four remaining historic structures of the original homestead, the Conservancy hopes to restore the entire property as a place for learning about San Antonio's agrarian heritage. For more information and pictures of the project, please click on either of the images below.