IN PROGRESS: Zavala County Courthouse & Annex

We are excited to announce that Fisher Heck has been selected to renovate the Zavala County Courthouse and to design a new annex courtroom building! Located about two hours southwest of San Antonio in a small town called Crystal City, Texas, this unique modern courthouse is unlike most Texas courthouses, mostly because the original courthouse in Crystal City was built in 1928, but has since been demolished. This courthouse was built in 1970, hence the modern design, which was conceived by architect Gene P. Hobart. The building received a major addition in 1984 and currently hosts the county jail.

With the main circulation path of the building dedicated to the perimeter porch, accentuated by the building's expansive cantilevering roofline, the interior of the building has, over time, developed into a layout of rooms and hallways with no real order or cohesive configuration. That's were we come in! In addition to renovating and updating the interior of their current courthouse, the County is also looking to build a new two-story annex building across the street that will contain most of the District and County functions.

These are the types of projects we love! The ones where you get to work on both historic and new buildings together, while creating that relationship between the two that will impact so many people's lives who interact with them on a daily basis. We can't wait to show you more in time!