THROWBACK-Thursday: Taco Flats Restaurant

On Tuesday, news broke of the new small businesses that have recently signed leases within the Hemisfair Park Yanaguana Garden and we are thrilled to be working with some of them on their new spaces! Those new spaces, being within restored 1890's historic houses, make our collaboration with the new tenants all that more unique and challenging. The four businesses that will be moving into the park include a restaurant, a micro-brewery, a juice/coffee shop and a palette shop.

So for this month's throwback, we thought it would be fitting to look back on one of our first restaurant projects, Taco Flats. This AIA Award winning project, located in the northern hills of San Antonio, was designed as a reflection of San Antonio culture, with bright bold colors and effortless transitions between the indoors and exterior spaces. The building was strategically located around many existing large oak trees on site and used them as natural shade devices over the expansive patio areas, providing a comfortable atmosphere for visitors during the hot summer months. As many buildings do, this one has gone through numerous renovations with each new ownership over the years and is no longer recognizable as the building it once was.