Once a month we are going to be looking back at one of our projects that may bare a particular correlation to something that may be occurring throughout the city or within the office during that time. This will be know as Throwback-Thursday and it will allow us to reintroduce some of our older projects to many of our newer friends and clients. As we mentioned 21 days ago, this month is National Historic Preservation month and so in honor of this celebration, we would like to celebrate one of our most prestigious preservation projects - San Fernando Cathedral Restoration.

Completed just over 10 years ago, the restoration of the oldest Catholic Cathedral Sanctuary in the United states remains as one of our most proudest accomplishments as a firm. Touching a structure like this takes a very sensitive approach and requires a specific expertise and understanding of how to appropriately go about ensuring that a 1868 stone building will last another 100 years. We also had the privilege of working with Rafferty Rafferty Tollefson Lindeke Architects on the design of the adjacent Cathedral Centre during the same time. Within the Nave of the Cathedral, new audio, lighting and mechanical systems were designed with minimal impact on the historic fabric of the church, allowing the church to meet more contemporary needs of its parishioners. We also were able to bring on some of the most skilled craftsmen to clean, repair, replace, and restore deteriorated or damaged finishes throughout, all the while blending the new with the old as seamless as possible. The project went on to win numerous awards from the AIA, Preservation Texas, San Antonio Conservation Society, San Antonio Downtown Alliance and Associated Builders & Contractors.