IN PROGRESS: Alamo Heights Baptist Church Renovation

Well, it's been awhile since we posted a new project to the site. So today, we're happy to share with you a few renderings of the Alamo Heights Baptist Church Renovation project we've been working on. The existing church is located in the city of Alamo Heights and is finally ready to upgrade their current facility to better fit their present and future needs. The project is broken into two phases, with the first phase consisting of a full interior renovation of the church's lower level. The existing area will be reprogrammed and re-designed to efficiently accommodate space for offices, classrooms, a large fellowship area, kitchen and restrooms. Currently, the lower level is not accessible for people with disabilities and so the second phase of the project will consist of a newly designed elevator and stair addition to the church. This phase will also include upgrading the finishes within the main floor worship space to be more warm and inviting. We'd like to thank long time collaborator, Studio B, for producing the renderings for us this time around.