St. Monica's Pipe Organ

Have you ever wondered how a custom pipe organ gets installed into an existing church? Well, the Church of St. Monica in Dallas came up with a great idea and created an entire facebook page dedicated to the installation of a new Nichols and Simpson pipe organ into their newly renovated church. You can go back and check out the entire process by following the link below:

In order for such an incredible instrument to sound the way it was designed, overhauling the existing worship center's acoustics was a priority in the initial design phase of the project. We worked with Scott Riedel and Associates on incorporating acoustically enhanced materials throughout the room, without degrading the existing unique architecture of the space. 

When it came to the organ itself, determining the final location proved challenging given the curvilinear nature of the building. The final chamber included curved walls and a relatively low overall height when compared to similar installations. In addition to the tight room constraints, the church also requested the organ be equipped for music from all historical periods and for various sized gatherings. In the end, Nichols and simpson were able to make come up with a design that not only complimented the room's architecture, but also sounds amazing! The pipe organ was later dedicated to Monsignor John F. (Jack) Meyers for his 58+ years of ministry as a Catholic priest and for serving as the St. Monica parish Pastor from 1994-2006.