35 Years of Designing Community

VIA 5-Points Transit Center


San Antonio TX 


Site Improvements

Full Architectural Services

Photos by Fisher Heck

This once blighted corner lot at the entrance to the 5-Points neighborhood has been transformed into a vibrant landscaped gateway that serves around 1,000 people a day. The site is owned + operated by VIA Metropolitan Transit and represents another example of the company's commitment to not only provide shelter to all its transit stops, but to also reactivate many existing transit centers with a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach. The low-maintenance, xeriscaped landscape design for this site, utilizes many Low Impact Development strategies for reducing water run off and water usage overall. Other features include charging stations for mobile devices, bike parking stations with repair tools, and a large tensile fabric shade structure over limestone benches. The most unique feature of the site, however, is the array of five muti-colored sculptures created by local ceramicist Diana Kersey. The group of statues is titled The Guardians of Five Points.