UTSA Football Locker Room

UTSA Football Locker Room


Location  |  San Antonio TX

Year Completed  |  2015

Type of Project  |  Interior Renovation

Services Performed  |  Full Architectural Services

Contractor  |  Cofield Group

Photos  |  Dror Baldinger


This new football locker room serves as the UTSA Roadrunners practice locker room, located on the main campus of UT San Antonio. It consists of a large open space for lockers with more secluded adjacent spaces for showers, restrooms, and lounge space for the student athletes. The space previously consisted of PE men's and women's locker rooms within the PE Building. By removing the separating partition between the two locker rooms and exposing the concrete structure above, a large enough space was created that meets all of the programatic requirements. All the finishes in the space were selected based on school colors, highlighted by a dominant orange furr-down running the length of the space that not only helps conceal equipment, but also aids in creating some of the more secluded spaces.