Toyota Visitor Center Renovation

Toyota Visitor Center Renovation


Location  |  San Antonio TX

Year Completed  |  2018

Type of Project  |  Exterior & Interior Renovation

Services Provided  |  Design Coordination 

Contractor  |  SRO Associates

Photos  |  Fisher Heck

In association with SRO Associates


The Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas plant receives thousands of visitors each year who are interested in the auto manufacturing process and learning about the history of Toyota. Visitors to the 2.2 million square foot facility begin their educational journey at the Visitor Center on site. Here they can learn about the history of the company and vehicles made at this facility, but also learn about the manufacturing process in a fun and interactive environment. Over time, as many things do, the original exhibits and interior decor became outdated and in need of a major overhaul. Fisher Heck worked under exhibit designers, SRO Associates, performing a code, design and accessibility reviews of the exhibit layout as well as assisting with the lighting design and overall phasing of the project. The new optimized layout allows for a large conference/meeting space for corporate events and presentations, where one did not exist previously, giving the exhibit area more functionality throughout the week.