Beverly Marie Pevehouse Conference Center

Beverly Marie Pevehouse Conference Center

Ingram TX 


New Construction

Full Architectural Services

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Photos by Aaron Yates

Situated on an expansive rolling hill overlooking the Hill Country in Ingram, Texas, this new conference center is designed for "Spiritual Direction and Formation" within the Saint Peter Upon the Water Campus. The spiritual center will be able to host workshops in parish ministry as well as parish retreats and missions, along with any individual or small group seeking spiritual guidance. The center is also a ministry of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, which is deeply rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. The design for the center was inspired by the Hill Country vernacular as well as the existing buildings on site that are predominantly clad with corrugated metal and limestone. To balance the cool metal of the exterior, warm natural materials such as wood and stone fill the interior along with strategically placed windows that maximize exterior views of the surrounding landscape.