St John's Seminary

St John's Seminary Campus Renovation


Location  |  San Antonio TX

Year Completed  |  In Progress

Type of Project  |  Master Planning; Exterior and Interior Renovation

Services Performed  |  Full Architectural Services

Renderings  |  Studio Schafer


The Archdiocese of San Antonio had a vision to take an abandoned seminary campus adjacent to Mission Concepcion, and repurpose two buildings.  One of the buildings, an old cafeteria, will be converted into offices for Catholic Charities.  The other, an exiting chapel, will be used as a visitors center, interpretive center, presentation space, café, and gift shop, as the first stop on a new Archidocesan led tour of the World Heritage Missions, focusing on Catholic history.  Below is a before image and rendering of what the old 1950’s cafeteria building will be renovated in to. Keeping the open office concept for most of the space, we also added private office around the perimeter of the building but created a light shelf for the clerestory windows to allow natural light to penetrate deep into the space.  In addition, the site has been redesigned to create usable shaded outdoor seating and pathways, as well as better connectivity to the adjacent uses. .