Salado Outdoor Classroom Pavilion

Salado Outdoor Classroom Pavilion

San Antonio TX 


New Construction

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In association with Stephen Stimson Associates & D.I.R.T. Studio

Photos by Fisher Heck

As the first building to be built in the 311-acre Phil Hardberger Park, the pavilion had to be symbolic of the regional environment and display sustainable building practices. The lightly suspended roof covers an outdoor classroom, park offices and public restrooms, while also providing electricity for the facility with the help of solar photovoltaic panels. The classroom and trailhead serve as a place to learn about ecology and urban agriculture and sustainable technologies, such as the large rainwater cisterns used to store rainwater for irrigation. The pavilion and trailhead connect the park to the Salado Creek Greenway and the larger greenway system of San Antonio.


2015 Design Honor Award  |  American Society of Landscape Architects

2012 Design Honor Award  |  Boston Society of Landscape Architects

2009 Analysis & Planning Honor Award  |  Boston Society of Landscape Architects