Fort Sam Foulois House

Fort Sam Foulois House


Location  |  San Antonio TX

Year Completed  |  2017

Type of Project  |  Historic Rehabilitation

Services Performed  |  Construction Documents

Contractor  |  Lendlease 

Photos  |  Alfredo Mora

In association with HSI Design Group


Originally built in 1906, this two-story, wood-framed structure is located on the historic Fort Sam Houston Army Post in San Antonio and currently serves as bed & breakfast style hotel for visiting guests to the post. The building is named after US Army Lieutenant Benjamin Foulois, who is credited with flying the first military aircraft from the Wright Brothers, effectively giving birth to Military Aviation. The first test flights themselves were performed just outside this building on the parade grounds of Fort Sam. This history, and many surviving architectural details of the original building, give this place a unique historical charm that is appreciated by it's guests. However, as most older buildings do, they fall into deteriorating conditions over time and eventually need a comprehensive restoration effort to ensure the building continues to serve as a functioning asset to the surrounding community.