Alamo Master Plan

The Alamo Master Plan


Location  |  San Antonio TX

Year Completed  |  2016

Type of Project  |  Master Planning

Services Performed  |  Historical Research; Archeology Coordination; Building Feasibility Studies

In Association with Preservation Design Partnership & Grupo De Diseno Urbano

Fisher Heck served as the local architectural consultant to Preservation Design Partnership during the master plan process commissioned by the State's General Land Office. The goal of the Master Plan was to reimagine the Alamo Plaza into a world-class historic site in conjunction with other similar World Heritage Sites.  Our role was limited to coordinating the historical research and archeology teams as well as performing building assessments and feasibility studies on the buildings that surround the Alamo Shrine and Long Barracks.  These studies looked at potential new uses including museum, cafe, library and general office functions. The final master plan can be found using the following link: